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Use a Chainsaw to Make Garden Logging Fun and Easy

Garden logging is the process of cutting, trimming, and shaping trees and branches in your garden or backyard. A chainsaw can improve the appearance of your plants, and create more space and light. 

The Jusfitools chain saw is the best tool for garden logging because it is powerful, portable, rechargeable, and easy to use. Keep reading this article to find out more about Chainsaw. 

Special Features of Jusfitools Chain Saws for Garden Logging

The JUSFIT 12-inch chainsaw is a powerful, lightweight, and portable electric chainsaw that is suitable for family and garden logging.

Our chainsaw has a chain speed of 10/s, optimum for a smooth performance. Its manual push-button braking system will prevent accidental touch on the chain.

The 62ml chain saw oil PVC bottle is very handy for multiple uses and maintaining efficiency. It also has improved safety features like restart protection and soft start controls.

The chainsaw is powered by a 21v battery and comes with a charger. Its balanced weight distribution and rubber grip made this cordless chain saw super easy to handle.

Pro Tip: Follow these steps to do garden logging with Chain Saws

These tips shall make your chainsaw-using experience more enjoyable.

  • Charge the battery fully and insert it into the chain saw. Also, make sure there is enough oil and the chains are sharp. Turn on the switch and adjust the speed according to your needs. You can choose between fast and slow modes and step-less speed changes.
  • Wear gloves, and goggles to protect yourself from flying wood chips and potential injuries. In particular, the goggles will save your eyes from the small particle of words. 
  • Keep a safe distance from the chain saw chains and the wood while cutting the wood. 
  • Select the tree or branch you want to cut and make sure it is stable and secure. Hold the chain saw firmly with both hands and position it at a right angle to the wood. Start the chain saw and apply gentle pressure to cut through the wood. Do not force the chain saw or twist it while cutting.
  • After you finish cutting, turn off the chain saw and remove the battery. Clean the chain saw with a soft cloth and check the chain and the blade for any damage or wear. If needed, use the chainsaw sharpener to restore the sharpness of the chain. 

Benefits of using a chainsaw for garden logging

Let’s find out some amazing benefits of using a chainsaw below: 


A chain saw can cut through wood faster than a manual saw or an axe. It can save you time and energy and make the task more efficient.


A chain saw can cut through wood more cleanly and smoothly than a manual saw or an axe. It can reduce the waste and damage of the wood and make the task more effective.


A chain saw can cut through wood more precisely and accurately than a manual saw or an axe. It can help you achieve the desired shape and size of the wood and make the task more satisfying.


A chainsaw can cut through different types of wood and handle different garden logging tasks. It can help you create various products from the wood, such as firewood, mulch, or furniture.

Some common mistakes and hazards to avoid when using a chain saw

Using a chain saw for garden logging has risks, such as kickback, overheating, and injury. To avoid these risks, you must keep in mind certain precautions. 

Use a low-kickback chain. While cutting, hold the chain saw firmly with both hands. You should avoid cutting with the tip of the blade. 

Adjust the speed according to the task. Take breaks between cuts, wear protective gear, and keep a safe distance. Most importantly, follow the instructions provided with your chainsaw manual.


A hand chain saw is a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use tool that can be used to cut through wood quickly and accurately

It is a good choice for garden logging because it can help you create useful materials and improve your garden. 

The Jusfitools chain saw is a good option for garden logging because it has a fine-quality chain, a durable blade, a convenient oil tank, and a handy sharpener. Order the chain saw of Jusfitools right now so that you don’t miss out on this amazing experience.


What Are The Activities Of Chainsaw? 

You can cut large wood into smaller pieces for your firework or disposal. You can also prune large branches of trees using our chainsaw.  

How Frequently Should I Sharpen The Chain?

The frequency of sharpening a chainsaw chain depends on the type and hardness of the wood being cut, as well as the amount of use. Generally, the chain should be sharpened when it starts to lose cutting performance or vibrate more than usual.

How Do I Clean The Chainsaw?

You can clean the chain saw with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Do not use any abrasive or corrosive materials that may damage the chain saw. Also, make sure the chain saw is turned off and the battery is removed before cleaning.


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